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Walk & Talk

"Nature has the power to heal because it is where we are from, it is where we belong and it belongs to us as an essential part of our health and our survival.” 

Nature as Your Co-therapist

When we are in nature we are surrounded by metaphor. Maybe a sense of being "stuck in the mud" or "tangled" in a situation like the roots of a tree. During Walk and Talk Ecotherapy we can work with nature to help you make sense of your experiences.

Creativity in Nature 

When we step into nature, it becomes your new therapy room with it's richness of colour, movement, shapes, sounds and smells. We will explore ways that you can embrace creative elements within nature as part of the therapeutic process.

The term ‘ecopsychology’, which is the study of the mental health benefit of being in nature, can be credited to Theodore Roszak, who wrote about this in 1992 in his book "The Voice of the Earth". His main philosophy is that our minds are impacted by the modern world but originate in nature, and that as a result of disconnect from nature we suffer. As humans we have a calling to emotionally connect with nature and walk and talk eco therapy sessions can provide a safe space to process difficult emotions and experiences while being held in nature. We know that there are many benefits to mental health when we spend time in green spaces and Walk & Talk Counselling / Ecotherapy options are growing in popularity as more people are exploring what it is like to meet therapists in the outdoors. 

What are the benefits of offering therapy in the outdoors?

  • A break from the screen or sitting in a closed therapy room

  • Less anxiety for You in moving from face to face eye contact to side by side walking

  • Grounding and stabilisation through bilateral movement - the ability to process painful emotions while moving the body

  • Individuals often report feeling less claustrophobic

  • Exercise and movement boost endorphins and feel good chemicals

  • Nature offers a naturally grounding experience

  • Individuals often report feeling as though they can breathe in outdoor spaces


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