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Terms of Business & Working Together Agreement


When it comes to finding a counsellor, it can be a daunting experience. I am a friendly, down-to-earth counsellor who offers you a safe, contained space in a relaxed environment to explore what is happening in your life.  As we work together, you'll be shown respect, understanding, and patience, so that you can speak freely and openly. I can help you work through issues and challenges that you are facing and help you move forward.   

I do not charge in advance for a set number of consultations, or a course of treatment. I endeavour to help clients feel better when they leave the first consultation, to have homework tasks or activities to complete, and to continue to progress towards their goals between each session. If a client is not progressing I will endeavour to find an alternative and more suitable therapist and/or therapeutic approach.


I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Your personal information will be kept in accordance with ICO guidelines and the relevant Data Protection Legislation in the UK on the basis that you have given your consent to information about you being held by the therapist. 


This means that I will use your contact details only to get in touch with you about matters relating to your therapy, such as appointments, and to provide helpful information, where appropriate, unless you have given your explicit consent for me to contact you for other purposes.

Retain notes of your treatment for a period of 7 years, in accordance with professional and insurance requirements, and will take steps to ensure the security of the record.

Not share your personal information with other individuals or organisations, except where they have reason to believe you or others to be at risk, or where there is a legal duty to disclose it, or as otherwise specified, if applicable.

Provide you with free access to the information they hold about you, should you wish.

You agree that all clinical information shared with the therapist will remain confidential within the service except where the therapist believes there may be a risk of harm to you or to others, or where there is a legal duty of disclosure.

You agree that your therapist has case supervision with their supervisor where a broad outline of your case may be discussed as a part of the supervisory process, and that no identifying details will be revealed.
Confidentiality Agreement – Covid-19

You agree that if your therapist develops symptoms of Covid-19, or is aware that they have had contact with someone who has been/may have been infected, they will inform you at the earliest opportunity, so that you may take steps to protect yourself and others.

You agree that in the above circumstance, your therapist will be obliged to pass your contact details to the appropriate health authority so that the official ‘test and trace’ procedure can be carried out.

With regard to the above, you also agree that only your contact details will be passed to the relevant authority, and that the nature of your relationship with the therapist and the content of your therapy session(s) will remain strictly confidential, in accordance with the conditions set out on the BACP Ethical Framework.

In addition, you agree to inform the therapist at the earliest opportunity if you become aware that you have become infected with Covid-19, or have had contact with someone who has been/may have been infected.


Cost of therapy: 


Therapy for individuals  £60 per hour
Under 18 Counselling £50 (50 mins) 
Concessions available from £50 (unemployed and students - proof of status required).

Any pre-agreed longer or shorter sessions are charged on a pro-rata basis

Subject to availability, out of hours appointments can be arranged in the evening (after 7pm) or at weekends for an additional cost of £10 per session.

Please note - The session fee is subject to revision from time to time. Advance notice will be given of any increase. 

Payment Methods

If it is convenient for the client, payment online may be made in advance or on the day of consultation otherwise we accept cash. An invoice will be sent via email in advance. If payment is not made within 12 hours of the consultation an administration fee of £15 will be charged. 


Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice of cancellation by telephone or email is normally required. If another client cannot be found to fill that appointment a fee of £50 will be payable.

No Show Policy

Where an appointment is arranged and agreed, and a client does not attend that appointment, the consultation fee will be payable in full.

Protection of Client and Therapist

It is recognised that some clients may be particularly vulnerable, especially young people. We reserve the right to record consultations, if deemed appropriate, for the protection of both client and therapist.

Canine Assisted Therapy (CAT)

Whether a therapy dog sits alongside you or is present during your counselling session is your free choice, however, it is also as much the dog's choice. I take my dog's welfare very seriously and would not put them in a situation that they aren't comfortable with, or put them at any risk of harm or injury. CAT sessions are subject to both parties feeling comfortable at the time.


Creative Therapy

The creative option is always your choice, and simply makes communication between us easier. It is suitable for adults and young people. For face to face creative counselling sessions I will provide some art materials. If you attend creative counselling sessions online you will need to provide your own art materials. 

Ecotherapy - Walk & Talk Sessions

Ecotherapy Walk and Talk sessions are subject to risk assessment and are at your own risk, I cannot be held accountable for injury, damage or losses.

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